On 11th October we organised a roundtable during the JRC Annual Conference (you can read more about it in the related blog post). Nick Dunn from Lancaster University, Pieter van de Glind from ShareNL, Abbas Sbeity from Lebanese Architecture Club and Sanja Sontor from Kiron discussed future perspectives on cities with a focus on social challenges and innovative ways of tackling them.

Group discussion

Group discussion

We spoke with them about how citizens can be involved in shaping their cities and the potential of using foresight for this purpose but also how the sharing of good practices amongst cities and the influx of refugees and the engagement of young people open a new window of opportunities to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. You can see highlights of the conversations in the videos below:

Sanja introduced Kiron’s work and explained how the JRC could support this organisation in providing accessible university education for refugees.

Nick outlined the potential of foresight in involving citizens in shaping their cities and gave examples of how this worked in the UK.

Pieter explained the potential of a ‘sharing city’ and the Share NL’s project of creating an international network of sharing cities.

Abbas talked about involving young people in Beirut in shaping the future of their city and what his organisation is doing to support them.

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