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Bulgarian Kristina Dimova wins SME Week Youth Essay Competition 2021


Kristina Dimova, 22 year-old from Bulgaria, was proclaimed a winner of this year’s SME Week Youth Essay Competition during the SME Assembly 2021.

“Change is inevitable. That’s why businesses must adapt or perish. The way they could adapt is by being as human as possible. The main thesis of my essay is that humanity is the key to sustainability not only for the business plan of the company but in the context of management. However, humanity should be combined with key factors such as digital transformation, ecology, and economic growth.”

This was the focus of Kristina’s winning entry which answer the question: “What do SMEs need to become sustainable and resilient in the context of COVID-19 and other global challenges? Think about the competences and skills needed in the future for an entrepreneur, describe three promising and sustainable start-ups in 2030”.

During the final of the Youth Essay Competition on the third day of the SME Assembly, she also added:

“Crucial to SMEs’ ability to adapt to changing circumstances, will be their willingness to change their management model. Sociocracy would be the “secret ingredient” with four ground rules: consensual decision-making, a hierarchy of circles, double linking between circles, and election of leaders. Sociocracy would also allow businesses to reach the required flexibility to thrive in an ever-changing world.”

The other finalists of this year’s SME Week Youth Essay competition were Victoria Krah, half Spanish, half German, and Rui Teixeira from Portugal [2].

About Kristina Dimova

Kristina Dimova is currently studying Journalism BA at Sofia University. She had the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ at the University of Lodz. Her academic interest in journalism continues with her role as a scholar of KAS Media Programme SEE Bulgaria. Her professional interest is connected with her role as an Editor at GoGuide – one of the biggest lifestyle magazines in Sofia – and her experience as a co-founder of Slovo 111 – Youth Media in Bulgaria, which has lasted for a year. She is also part of the team of 9Academy – a business academy for entrepreneurship and personal development as a Content Creator. In the meantime, she works as a Social Media Specialist in a PR agency, in Sofia. She had the chance to see how the European Parliament works as a journalist in a Plenary Session in Strasbourg in 2019. She won a contest for an Essay, held by European Parliament, Bulgaria, and FJMC, Sofia University, and had the chance to be one of the six finalists for the Megalizzi-Niedzielski prize for aspiring journalists, part of the Youth4Regions programme.

Click here to read Kristina’s essay [3].

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