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Delve into digital: tapping into Europe’s online start-up potential

Benjamin- Suchar [1]

Digital technologies are the single most important driver of innovation and growth today. They re-shape entire industries and open doors for a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. The Secret of Success 2014-15 brochure [2] features 35 of Europe’s finest digital icons.

This very interesting video from Euronews [3] about digital entrepreneurs in France is worth a look. It features Secret of Success entrepreneur, Benjamin Suchar who created Yoopies [4], (Europe’s leading social platform for child-minding services) after seeing his how two sisters had  limited choices for their childcare.

http://www.euronews.com/2015/02/06/delve-into-digital-tapping-into-europe-s-online-start-up-potential/ [5]

Europe’s digital economy has huge potential -as the success of French start-ups like Yoopies illustrates. It helps users to find a babysitter based on 50 criteria including, location, profile, and rating. Launched in 2012, Yoopies went from 3 to 15 people, from 10 babysitters to 400,000. The platform is now available in 7 languages in 9 countries. It now has a 300% year-on-year turnover increase and is moving into other services including shopping delivery and housekeeping.

42 [6]’ is another example of the digital’s sector’s potential. Created by top French digital entrepreneur Xavier Niel, ‘42’ is a unique school which trains 900 young people in digital skills each year, free of charge and regardless of qualifications.

Gilles Babinet is one of the EU’s Digital Champions [7], whose mission is to promote the benefits of an inclusive digital society.