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EEPA National Winners 2017 – Supporting the internationalisation of business

We have already met the national EEPA winners from Categories 1 [1], 2 [2] and 3 [3]…time for Category 4: Supporting the internationalisation of business [4]! This category recognises initiatives that encourage enterprises and particularly small and medium-sized businesses to benefit more from the opportunities offered by markets, both inside and outside the EU. In 2016 the prize was won by Human Security Finland [5] for their project that tackles a key issue high on the global agenda, human suffering.


10 projects will be considered for a European title in this category. Well done to all the national winners and we look forward to finding out who is on the EEPA 2017 shortlist!

Austria: Program Internationalization 2015 – 2020 [7]

Croatia: Pun ceker – kupujmo lokalno [8]

Germany: Import Promotion Desk (IPD) [9]

Greece: Greek Breakfast [10]

Hungary: InnoTrade Program [11]

Poland: Biznes Lubelskie [12]


Serbia: Private sector Development Project- PSD [14]

Slovenia: SKIS – Smart Key Information Support [15]

Spain: ICEX Next [16]

UK: Business West International Trade Centre [17]