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EEPA National Winners 2017 – Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship

Have we met all of the projects competing for a place on the EEPA 2017 European shortlist? Almost! Today Promoting Enterprise presents the final category of national winners, Category 6: Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship [1]. This category recognises initiatives that promote corporate social responsibility among small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed, legal migrants, disabled, or people from ethnic minorities.

In 2016 the prize was won by The Rotterdam Business Case [2] from the Netherlands, for their project that strives to help innovative individuals and entrepreneurs who have failed with a venture or are in financial difficulties.


10 projects will be considered for a European title in this category. Well done to all the national winners and we look forward to finding out who is on the EEPA 2017 shortlist!

Bulgaria: Listen Up Online Platform for Equal Access [4]

France: Adie Microfranchise Solidaire (AMS) [5]

France: Start’Up Lycée [6]

Iceland: Social and green impact of an electronic drug administration system in an Icelandic nursing home for the elderly [7]

Malta: Setting up our Social Enterprise [8]

Netherlands: IMC Weekendschool [9]

Poland: Karlino na drodze rozwoju [10]

Portugal: MUNDAR: Change your world – young entrepreneurship contest [11]


Slovakia: DATAROOM [13]

Sweden: STAR (Social Innovation och Tillväxt för Alla i Regionen) [14]