European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2020 launch

That exciting time of year is back…time for the start of a new edition of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA)! The EEPA competition rewards innovative initiatives from public bodies and public-private partnerships which support entrepreneurship, and small and medium sized enterprises.

The national competitions across the different participating countries are opening and getting ready to accept nominations for the 2020 edition. Each national level competition will produce two national winners. These national winners will then compete at European level before the European deadline of 3 July 2020. The national winners will then be carefully considered by the prestigious EEPA 2020 jury, who will select their top projects to make up the European shortlist. All shortlisted nominees from both the national and European competitions will receive invitations to the Awards Ceremony at the 2020 SME Assembly in November 2020 co-hosted by the German Presidency of the Council and the European Commission.

The 2020 categories are as follows:

Want to participate? Find your national EEPA factsheet with all the information you need here.

For more information on the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, visit the European Commission website and for the latest updates follow Promoting Enterprise News, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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