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EEPA 2021 Shortlist – Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Following the announcement of the 2021 shortlist of finalists [2] in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA), we would like to introduce you more closely to the shortlisted projects in each category. Today we will kick off with the projects competing in Category 1: Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit [3].

The Category 1 finalists this year come from Slovenia, Spain and France, and their projects strengthen the economic impact of creative sectors, create new business models for gastronomy, and promote women’s entrepreneurship. Let’s take a closer look.

We are listing the shortlisted finalists in alphabetical order, beginning with…

Centre for Creativity [4] – Slovenia

The Centre for Creativity is a one-stop-shop offering support to the cultural and creative sectors in Slovenia. Through the platform, individuals working in these sectors are able to network, present their projects and develop their creativity. The platform cooperates with the Ministry of Culture to provide funding to develop creative ideas and enterprises and to help these ideas and enterprises become viable by creating stronger ties with business. The Centre supports activities that take shape at the intersection of different creative disciplines – art, experimentation, entrepreneurship, and business – and that have not yet received system-wide public funding.  In particular, it promotes projects that target social problems or contribute to social progress and welfare.

Culinary Action! [5] – Spain

Culinary Action! (CA!), implemented by the Basque Culinary Centre, provides training and supports the professionalization of the gastronomy sector. Since 2011, Basque Culinary Centre has been contributing to innovation and growth in the gastronomy sector, not least through its involvement in the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences at Mondragon University and the unique Centre for Research and Innovation in Food and Gastronomy, where the project is helping to produce the chefs and food scientists of the future. What’s more, through other projects, such as Building a Green Gastronomic City, CA! is helping to find circular economy solutions to food sustainability challenges and create an environment where experts, suppliers, producers, chefs, and consumers can co-create solutions to reactivate local gastronomy and educate citizens on sustainability. The project’s overarching goal is to instil its values of passion, excellence, and social commitment into gastronomy research and innovation.

Youth Awareness Weeks [6] – France

Since 2013, the association 100,000 Entrepreneurs has been organising “Weeks of Awareness of Young Women and Entrepreneurship” to increase awareness among young people aged 13 to 25 about women’s entrepreneurship. Too often, women make choices about their education and their careers based on persistent stereotypes. They are also unaware of business creation in their training and do not integrate it into their career choices, due to a lack of role models. With this initiative, the association is showing young people success stories, embodied by successful women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The ninth edition of the event, in March 2021, enabled more than 1,400 women to engage with more than 35,000 young people throughout France.

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