EEPA 2021 Shortlist – Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We have already introduced you to the 2021 shortlist of finalists in the first five categories of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA). Today we will take a closer look at the projects shortlisted in the final category, Category 6 – Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The three projects shortlisted in this category come from Sweden, Turkey and the Netherlands. They take an innovative approach to scaling-up social entrepreneurship, create opportunities for Syrian refugees in Turkey and leverage recycling to create social jobs. The worthy finalists in this category have interesting stories to tell so, let’s take a closer look.

And so, in alphabetical order, we start with….

Inkludera – Sweden

Since 2011, Inkludera has been working to turn social innovations developed at the grassroots level into viable solutions that tackle the challenges that Sweden is facing. It does this by supporting social entrepreneurs who have developed unique solutions, helping them to scale up and become financially sustainable. One such solution is the Changers Hub, which creates positive meeting places for young adults and provides them with the tools they need to make constructive choices and achieve success. Inkludera selects the entrepreneurs and start-ups and supports them in building partnerships with the public sector. The combined experience of the Inkludera team is then put to use in strengthening the social organizations’ ability to work long-term and sustainably. Since 2013, entrepreneurs supported by Inkludera have entered into over 900 partnerships with 108 of Sweden’s municipalities. These partnerships have resulted in the entrepreneurs working with 27,200 people in 2020 to address various social issues.  

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs – Turkey

Migration not only involves a movement of labour, but also a movement of entrepreneurs. This project looks at the millions of Syrian refugees that have arrived in Turkey as a great opportunity, with many people ready to start a business and create jobs for others if they have access to guidance and support. The EU funded Opportunities for Entrepreneurs project provides this support and promotes refugee entrepreneurship in Turkey by mobilising the available local structures in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. To date the project has trained more than 500 budding entrepreneurs and mentored more than 100 others. The project has also provided seed funding to 70 entrepreneurs, enabling them to start or improve their businesses.

Opstuwen Kringloopbedrijven – The Netherlands

The programme Opstuwen Kringloopbedrijven (Pushing Up Recycling Companies), implemented by the cooperative Social Enterprise Lab U.A. and Branchevereniging Kringloopbedrijven Nederland (BKN), promotes social entrepreneurship at recycling shops in the BKN netowrk. The project helps to build an inclusive society by creating social jobs, while contributing to the circular economy through the collection, sale, recycling and upcycling of second hand products and materials. It adopts a large-scale approach at industry level, supported by various funds and partners, in combination with a top down and bottom up strategy. This approach has been successful and the project has created approximately 300 additional learning/work places for vulnerable people in the labour market since 2014.

Be sure to read about the projects listed in previous categories, and stay tunes for future updates on the EEPA 2021 finalists!

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