EEPA 2021 Shortlist – Supporting the Sustainable Transition

We have already introduced you to the 2021 shortlist of finalists in the first four categories of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA). Today we will take a closer look at the projects shortlisted in Category 5: Supporting the Sustainable Transition.

The three projects shortlisted in the category come from Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia. These projects provide novel ways to optimise water use in buildings, streamline urban waste management, and engage children as the climate protectors of the future. Let’s take a closer look at these innovative projects.

We will look at the shortlisted projects in alphabetical order, starting with….

AQUA+® Rating water at your household – Portugal

AQUA+ is an initiative of the Agency for Energy in Portugal (ADENE). Recognising that water is a scarce and indispensable resource, the project offers a simple, agile and voluntary way to evaluate and classify water use in buildings, identifying opportunities where people can improve their water use and save water. In addition to classifying a building’s water performance, AQUA+ provides guidance on good practices for renovations and the design of new buildings, offering a greater choice of equipment, systems and solutions that allow a more efficient use of water. A sample 50 audits conducted by the project estimated an annual potential reduction in water consumption of 30%. AQUA+ is currently available for residential properties and will soon be extended to other areas, such as hotels, businesses and services.

ELWIS – Household-level waste tracking – Slovakia

For towns and villages to make informed decisions on waste management they need hard data on actual waste production. This is where ELWIS comes in. The system monitors waste management at household level and provides municipalities or collection companies with an overview of the actual amounts of waste produced by households and other entities in the municipality. Municipalities can then use this information to decide on the distribution of waste containers and the scheduling of trucks. What’s more, through their MyELWIS waste account, citizens can see how their home performs, motivating them to adopt a more sustainable approach. The system has contributed to a significant reduction in the cost of municipal waste, enabled the introduction of fair charges and encouraged citizens to sort their waste.

Green Penguin – Slovenia

Cities are responsible for more than 70% of all GHG emissions and so it will be critical to engage cities in the fight against climate change, encouraging them to adopt innovative solutions to mitigate risks and achieve carbon neutrality. With this goal in mind, Green Penguin combines real data with smart digital technologies in a digital game for schoolchildren. Through the game, Green Penguin teaches schools and children environmental and digital literacy. It shows children how to achieve significant CO2 reductions, raises their awareness of environmental challenges and sustainable development and, importantly, creates future generations of environmental protectors, engaging them in the co-creation of solutions for the carbon-neutral cities of the future.

Be sure to read about the projects listed in previous categories, and don’t forget to come back every week to meet more EEPA 2021 finalists!

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