EEPA 2022 shortlist – Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills

The 2022 shortlist of finalists in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) has already been announced, and now we are taking a closer look at the shortlisted projects in each category. We have already introduced to you more closely for the shortlisted projects from Category 1: Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit. Today it is the turn of the projects competing in Category 2: Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills.

EEPA Category 2 recognises initiatives that improve entrepreneurial and managerial skills. This year’s shortlisted projects, selected by the EEPA 2022 jury, come from Italy, Belgium and Cyprus. The projects are presented in alphabetical order below. Let’s take a closer look!

Bravo Innovation Hub Italy 

The Bravo Innovation Hub is an Italian development agency Invitalia’s business accelerator for the most innovative companies in the south of the country. The hub helps start-ups and new businesses to speed up their market entry and promotes vertical acceleration paths for start-ups in the most traditional areas of the Italian economy. The hub helps start-ups define, validate and develop their business models, gain access to capital market, find strategic and commercial partners and develop turnover. The Bravo Innovation Hub was born in 2020 and, by providing training activities, mentorship, networking opportunities and open innovation actions; it has already accompanied 20 start-ups from the south in developing and implementing their business ideas along sustainable pathways.

Love to be Free – Belgium 

With its ‘Love to be Free’ project, Belgian entrepreneurial association UNIZO is informing, connecting and representing self-employed entrepreneurs in Flanders, Belgium. The association has conducted research into flexible work in Flanders and mapped out the needs and concerns of freelancers in its Freelance Focus Report; furthermore, it has designed targeted support actions to meet these needs.  Various online and offline events are being organised to support freelancers, inform them, inspire them and provide them with a network. The association has addressed freelancers’ uncertainty about their hourly rate by providing an online hourly rate calculator. UNIZO represents the interests of this growing group of independent entrepreneurs by developing innovative proposals for policymakers on providing an optimal framework for the future of work.

Cyprus Seeds – Cyprus 

Cyprus Seeds is a non-profit organisation that supports scientific teams at Cypriot academic institutions by providing grants, mentoring, business skills training, and networking to bring their research from their labs into the market with a view to resolving worldwide problems. The organisation offers a unique opportunity for researchers to connect with an international network of successful entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and venture funds through its strategic collaboration with The Hellenic Initiative, the MIT Centre for Technological Innovation, and the Greek incubator egg.

What’s next?

The winners of this year’s competition will be announced at the EEPA Awards Ceremony, to be held at the annual SME Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, and online on 28 – 30th November 2022. Places are limited at the forum, but you can download the Promoting Enterprise app, which will allow you to follow the event online and revolutionise your SME Week and SME Assembly experience with its many novel features.

We will be taking a closer look at the European shortlist in the other categories on the prompting Enterprise portal soon, so make sure to come back to the News Portal every week to learn more about each of the shortlisted projects that will be competing in the EEPA 2022 finals.

If you would like to find out more about the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, visit the European Commission website. For the latest updates, visit the Promoting Enterprise News Portal – we  will let you know soon who the shortlisted projects in the other categories are so make sure to check in regularly, and don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.

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