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EEPA National Coordinators 2019


With the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) officially launched for 2019 it is time to get to know the important people that run the national awards in each country…your National Coordinators!

National Coordinators ensure that the national EEPA competitions run smoothly and that all applicants are supported throughout the competition process. They also have the very important role of nominating the two lucky projects that will represent their country at the European level of the EEPA competition.

If you are considering applying for EEPA 2019 then be sure to get in touch with your National Coordinator as soon as possible and make your application as strong as possible. Find all of the contact details for the 2019 National Coordinators below and don’t hesitate to contact the EEPA Secretariat [2] for more information.

Find out more about EEPA participation and the national competitions for 2019 here [3].

Belgique/België [4] Ελλάδα [5] Lietuva [6] România [7]
България [8] España [9] Luxembourg [10] Slovenija [11]
Česko [12] France [13] Magyarország [14] Slovensko [15]
Crna Gora/Црна Гора [16] Hrvatska [17] Malta [18] Suomi/Finland [19]
Danmark [20] Ísland [21] Nederland [22] Sverige [23]
Deutschland [24] Italia [25] Österreich [26] Türkiye [27]
Eesti [28] Κύπρος [29] Polska [30] Сpбија [31]
Éire/Ireland [32] Latvija [33] Portugal [34]  

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