Enter now! Deadline for Hungarian national EEPA competition is this Sunday!

hu2Are you a Hungary-based organisation that works with entrepreneurs to encourage the growth of enterprise? Do you want to receive national and European recognition for your work? If yes, then be sure to enter the Hungarian national competition for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) by Sunday, 15 May.

Hungary’s biggest EEPA success to date was winning the Grand Jury Prize in 2014 for Gazdagmami Kft. Gazdagmami encourages mothers with young children to start businesses by helping them to acquire entrepreneurial skills and a mindset to start a business and make it profitable.

If you’d like to join Gazdagmami, along with last year’s national competition winners, the Entrepreneurship Foundation Hungary and NESsT EUROPE, Fanni Rigó from the Department for Enterprise Development at the Ministry for National Economy has this advice:

Tell us about your national competition. Are there any changes this year e.g. new categories, new approaches?

In 2016, as last year, we have six categories in the national competition. Our aim is to increase the number of applicants and introduce the award to as many enterprises and organisations as we can. The six categories are:

  • Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Investing in entrepreneurial skills
  • Improving the business environment
  • Supporting the internationalisation of business
  • Supporting the development of green markets and resource efficiency
  • Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship

hazai forduló díjátadó

What are you looking for in standout entries?

We have a lot of entries in the first two categories: Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and Investing in entrepreneurial skills. This year, we would love to have good entries in the other categories, in particular, Supporting the development of green markets and resource efficiency and Supporting the internationalisation of business. Of course, we welcome applicants in all categories, but Development of green markets and resource efficiency is a new area that we would like to see more of.

How have you promoted the competition so far?

The Hungarian national competition has a Facebook page and we use the government press. We’ve called our partners’ attention to the award. We’re working in permanent cooperation with chambers of commerce and with all entrepreneur representative bodies. Every year we send information about the national competition to universities and school workshops.

What kind of response have you received so far?

A lot of organisations don’t know about the awards and don’t have information about the competition. In recent years, we’ve worked hard to familiarise and introduce the award to the people and organisations that could be potential applicants.

The nominees from the last couple of years are continuing to develop the projects and concepts that they were nominated for. And those that did not qualify for the next round are developing their projects to apply in future years.

What advice would you give to those thinking of entering the competition?

Don’t wait until the last minute to call the national coordinator and ask questions and don’t wait until the deadline to send in the application.

Finally, where can prospective entrants find out more and enter?

The official website of the Hungarian Government and on Facebook.