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Ideas from Europe: Semi-finals at the SME Assembly 2017


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Ideas from Europe are coming back to the SME Assembly, but this time with their semi-finals. During the SME Assembly on November 22, innovative entrepreneurs from across EU Member States will pitch their ideas for solutions to Global Challenges, with the aim of putting visionary entrepreneurs and their ideas under a European spotlight. After pitching the international jury will select the nine best innovators to compete in the finals in April 2018 in The Netherlands. The tenth finalist will be chosen via public vote, so be sure to attend the session at the Assembly or join us via the livestream to ensure your vote counts!

How does Ideas from Europe work?

Ideas from Europe [2] is an independent foundation that believes in finding already existing solutions for current global challenges. How are these solutions found? Ideas from Europe looks across all the European Member States and organises national events and competitions to help select one representative per Member State. Once chosen these national winners go on to compete at the semi-finals, which will be held at the SME Assembly in Tallinn this year.

Who will be competing at the semi-finals in Tallinn?

So what kind of ideas can we expect to see? Have a look through the current list of semi-finalists below to get familiar with the pitches that will be seen and that you can vote on next month at the SME Assembly.

Finland: Mightifier [3] Austria: RefugeesCode [4] Slovenia: AgiliCity [5]
Croatia: Balmaris [6] Estonia: Hepta [7] Slovakia: Virtual Medicine [8]
Cyprus: SyndeSeas [9] Sweden: Sp [10]eak [10] Up! [10] Denmark: ‘Too Good To Go’ [11]
Belgium: Bloomlife [12] Germany: Ichò-system [13] Czech Republic: Sensbar [14]
Malta: EasyPeasyCoding [15] The Netherlands: Micreos [16]

Be sure to check the Ideas from Europe website [17] for more updates to this list.

Interested in what a national final looks like? Watch the Dutch finals:

Read more about Ideas from Europe right here [18]on the Promoting Enterprise Portal.