Meeting the 2022 EEPA Jury – Caroline Mischler

Following our interviews with 2022 European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) jury members Thomas Cooney, Selma Yilmaz-Schwenker, Outi Slotboom, Marian Piecha, Christel Delberghe and Thomas Wobben, we come to our final member: Caroline Mischler. Caroline is Director of the European and International Department of the Directorate General for Enterprise, at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. She offers more useful tips on how to develop a winning project.

Caroline Mischler is an economist who worked at the French national regulatory authority responsible for the electronic communications and postal sectors. After joining the Directorate General for Enterprise in 2005, she held several positions involving the design of public policies to support competitiveness, innovation and industry, before being appointed to her current post in 2019. Caroline is the French SME Envoy within the SME Envoys Network and the High-Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth.

What do you think makes this competition unique in Europe?

What makes EEPA unique in Europe is that it not only rewards excellent project developers, but its objective is also to increase awareness amongst European businesses of the importance of taking good care of entrepreneurship practices. The idea behind this competition is to promote good practices beyond national borders; it thereby contributes to the strengthening of the Single Market.

Do you have any advice for the participants on how to make their application stand out from the rest and include the information that you need to evaluate the project?

I would advise participants to focus their application not only on data but also on concrete examples of how the project is implemented and on achieved results. We will be looking very carefully at the actual impact of the project on European society.

What do you think the jury members will be specifically looking for in the EEPA 2022 competition?

The jury members will look for projects that provide concrete ways to deal with the challenges that we face today within the Single Market. I am thinking about the green and the digital transition of the European economy, as well as the impact of the war in Ukraine for European companies and citizens.

Which are the top three qualities you will look for in a winning project?

A winning project must be socially and/or environmentally impactful, innovative, and duplicable in other ecosystems.

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