Secret of Success – Jon Schäffer (Conferize)

Jon Schaeffer - ConferizeWe set up Conferize (with the help of funds from Accelerace, a Danish business development organisation) to build an event community and increase attendance at events, principally by engaging people in content, live streaming, and social networking. We have built an engine that automatically identifies and converts leads to attendees. We make it easily available for attendees and followers before, during and after the event, all for free.

I’d say that to increase start ups we should reduce their taxes; provide a safety net for the self-employed; and incentivise investment.

“Entrepreneurs are important to society because we are the backbone of the economy; and the key to Denmark’s prosperity.”

Hero(es): Elon Musk

Start up capital: Friends; business angels; accelerator programmes

Growth rate p.a: 500%

Mentor(s): No

Can you code? No

Employees: 14

Education / Training: Business and technology

Product / Service: Event applications

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