Secret of Success – Samuli Tursas (Liana Technologies)

Samuli Tursas - Liana Technologies

Liana develops and supplies digital marketing and communication software. Our customers are digital marketing and PR professionals and our cloud-based software helps them perform better. Thanks to local and EU business support we have expanded into four other countries and our goal is to become #1 marketing cloud provider in Europe. We have also been able to employ 100 people let go by Nokia.

I would like to see a government sponsored account manager for each start up; bottom up business support programmes; and direct support for sales and marketing activities.

“Entrepreneurs are useful to society because we are the ones that turn innovation into reality; we are the people who get things done.”

Hero(es): My team

Start up capital: Own

Growth rate p.a.: 30%

Mentor(s): My business partners

Can you code? Yes

Employees: 110

Education / Training: Computing and marketing

Product / Service: Marketing and communications software

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