Secret of Success – Swetlana Reiche (Lensspirit Contact Lenses GmbH)

Swetlana Reiche - Lensspirit Contact Lenses GmbH

The original idea of Lensspirit was to sell contact lenses via a catalogue. A few months after the business was set up, a friend of mine programmed a very simple online shop and that (together with the aid of a KfW mittelstandsprogram loan to finance software development) gave birth to today’s business. Our open-minded company culture forms the basis for creative ideas. Therefore, our customers benefit from outstanding support and innovative campaigns and they simply love our product line “GoodMorning!” because they know that they can rely on the quality and service.

I’d like to see a limit on subsidies; and greater simplification and a drive
to unify taxes across the EU.

“Entrepreneurs are important to society because we inspire, innovate, motivate and create ideas, new jobs and boost growth.”

Hero(es): My father and my son

Start up capital: Savings

Growth rate p.a: 10%

Mentor(s): My colleagues

Can you code: No

Employees: 40

Education / Training: Economics

Product / Service: Online eyewear marketplace