SME Assembly 2022 — A Little Guide to Prague

The SME Assembly 2022 is nearly here! In anticipation of this year’s event, we’ve listed some of the best things to see, buy, eat, and (of course) drink in the beautiful Czech capital.

What to See

Take a walk along the Royal Route to check out some of the city’s most dazzling sights. Although less than three kilometres in length, the Royal Route is home to such attractions as:

  • The Municipal House — A classic example of Art Nouveau architecture built in the early twentieth century. There’s so Mucha to see here (pardon the pun).
  • The Old Town Square — It might be old and square, but the people you’ll find here are anything but
  • The Astronomical Clock — We bet your watch doesn’t also show you the positions of the Sun, phases of the Moon, astronomical cycles, and Christian holidays (unless there’s a new Apple Watch we don’t know about).
  • Charles Bridge — Visit the oldest surviving bridge built over the Vlatva River for some very pretty views of the capital.
  • The St Vitus Cathedral — Prague’s largest church, which also houses an impressive array of holy relics.
  • Prague Castle — Prague’s most visited monument and the seat of the President of the Czech Republic (and here we are sitting on office chairs …)

What to Buy

Leave some room in your luggage, because there are loads of goodies you’ll want to bring back!

  • Bohemian crystal — There’s crystal, and there’s Bohemian crystal. As Sade would say, this. Is. No. Ordinary glass.
  • Bohemian garnets — A hallmark of royal Bohemian jewellery for centuries, these red stones are truly dazzling. Just make sure to request a certificate of authenticity before buying any, as there are quite a few fakes out there.
  • Oplatky — Wafers that melt in your mouth (but hopefully not in your suitcase)
  • Beer cosmetics — Guerlain, Schmerlain. Dose up on some vitamin B with all-natural cosmetics (as well as shampoos and shower gels) made of beer. Your skin will thank you.

What to Eat

You’ll also want to leave some room in your stomach. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • Chlebíček — Scrumptious open-faced sandwiches you can find just about anywhere
  • Koláče — Pastries, traditionally filled with poppy seeds or jam
  • Buchty — These sweet yeast dough buns are straight out of a Bohemian fairytale. Literally. Legend has it that the Bohemian dragon slayers of old would snack on these. If buchty was good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.
  • Svíčková — Whipped cream, cranberry sauce, and beef. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but tastes heavenly. As far as Czech dishes go, it doesn’t get more iconic than this.

What to Drink

  • Beer — Obviously. A trip to Prague wouldn’t be a trip to Prague without the golden pilsners (named after the city of Pilsen) the Czech Republic is famous for. By all means, indulge in pints of Pilsner Urquell and other local brews; just do so responsibly. Otherwise, you might find yourself constantly asking your friends, like Steve Urkel (no relation), ’Did I do that!?’
  • Kofola — We’d love to buy the world a … Kofola! One sip is all it takes to see why this Communist-era take on Coca-Cola is still around.
  • Moravian wine — Pair a glass with some svíčková and watch the magic happen
  • Becherovka — The Czech are so secretive about the recipe of this herbal aperitif that only two people in the world know it at any given time. Have a sip and you’ll see why.

The SME Assembly 2022 kicks off in Prague on November 28. Although the Assembly is fully booked, you can livestream and participate in the event online via the SME Assembly app. Register here.

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