SME Assembly 2022 – A Sneak Peek at this Year’s Programme (Part 2)

There are loads of incredible workshops to participate in at this year’s event, as well as two masterclasses. You can livestream them using the Promoting Enterprise app.

Aside from the awards to be presented, keynote speeches to be delivered, talks by renowned policymakers to be given, and Luc Soete’s Schumpeter ‘Innovation in Enterprise’ lecture, the SME Assembly 2022 will feature a host of educational workshops and masterclasses.


This year’s workshops will primarily deal with sustainability and the digital transformation. In these workshops, attendees will collaboratively learn about subjects like:

  • Technological ‘upskilling’
  • SMEs and carbon-neutrality
  • Circular economies
  • Green investing
  • The digital transformation

Workshops will also be offered in:

  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Regional industrialisation
  • Aerospace technology and data opportunities
  • SME financing

In addition, attendees will be able to learn from the success stories of young European entrepreneurs in the ‘33 Under 33’ workshop.


On November 29, a masterclass in sustainability (‘Supporting the Sustainable Transition’) will be held, as will one in which the key findings of an SME test project will be presented.

Discover the full programme here.

Download the Promoting Enterprise app to livestream this year’s workshops and masterclasses, as well as attend various webinars.

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