What are the YEC 2018 Jury looking for? – Marie-Elisabeth Rusling

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Who else is on the 2018 YEC Jury with Oksana Vedmidska and Mervi  Pänkäläinen? Today on Promoting Enterprise we would like to introduce Marie-Elisabeth Rusling, CEO of Business Angels Europe. Like her fellow jury members, Marie-Elisabeth will be sharing what she is looking for from this year’s entries and her thoughts on the 2018 question. Want your essay to stand out to Marie-Elisabeth? Read on to find out what her ideal essay looks like!

What will you be looking for in an entry?

In an entry I will be looking for personal views about innovation. I want to hear young voices making their case for it, addressing entrepreneurs and governments, and of course sharing ideas in their own powerful and compelling way. Fresh impetus!

What are the top three criteria you will base your judging on?

I will be judging each essay based on its Effectiveness, Uniqueness and Feasibility. In order to be effective the essay needs to articulate personal stories, experiences and the proposed steps. The essay will be unique if it demonstrates an individual approach to innovation, whether as a process or a state of mind – not just a digest of numerous definitions. Finally I will look at the feasibility of the piece. This is a tall order but the essay is about steps to be taken – I will be looking for proposals that can translate into concrete actions.

What will make an entry stand out for you?

I think that the essay needs to inspire the jury to discuss the proposals in more depth with the author. If the author is able to make the jury want to meet them and take them to the live final to present their work, then this will be a ‘wow factor’ for me!

What steps do you think should be taken to foster and encourage innovation?

Many governments now work with definitions of innovative companies, whether to define conditions of access to some support programmes or to encourage investments in these innovative ventures in a special way. Yet, there is no common agreement at European level. I would think this would be a simple way to harmonise our European market, if we could agree on one simple definition of the innovative company – keeping to simple criteria like R&I investment, prizes and awards, IPR. One big feature of the Single Market was the creation European company statute. How about the European innovative company for the Single market in the digital age?

What advice would you give for those still not sure about entering the competition?

Why miss out on an exercise so valuable for personal development, testing one’s ideas, making a powerful statement and hopefully taking it to the European stage? Make your voice heard! It would also look pretty good on your CV as well.

Interested in entering this year’s competition? Find out more about the 2018 SME Week Youth Essay Competition right here! Keep coming back to the News Portal to find out more about the competition and all of the jury members, and don’t forget to submit your essays by 23 September 2018.