Secret of Success- Kim Daniel Arthur (Superplus)

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Kim Daniel Arthur - Superplus

We started Superplus (with the help of the government start up fund “Innovation Norway”) because we wanted to use our experience from gaming, teaching and research to improve the lives of children with special needs. Our products were designed using the “child first” principle; focusing on creating engaging, motivating and playful experiences that can be customised to the child’s needs. Superplus enables children with special needs to communicate and interact with the world around them; to express themselves and share their emotions; build relationships and get a sense of mastery over their lives.

It would help entrepreneurs if funding programmes were easier to understand and to apply for; and were more readily available. Keep removing those barriers!

“Entrepreneurs are important because we can go and challenge the status quo, we can truly make the world a better place; more open, more tolerant and more connected.”

Hero(es): Kristian Segerståle

Start up capital: Own and Investment from Innovation Norway

Mentor(s): Yes

Can you code?: Yes

Employees: 3

Education/ Training: Gaming Industry

Product/ Service: E- learning