Understanding the judging process: European Enterprise Promotion Awards

The 2014 EEPA jury met in Rome

The 2014 EEPA jury met in Rome

Individual countries are invited to conduct national competitions to determine the best projects to represent their nation.

Hundreds of projects compete in these national competitions in for a chance to enter the European Enterprise Promotion Awards. Countries are allowed to nominate a maximum of two entries (in different categories) to the European competition.

Each jury member reads and assesses every entry against defined criteria covering:

  • Originality & feasibility
  • Impact on the economy
  • Improvement of stakeholder relations
  • Transferability

The jury then meets to discuss their top entries in each category, before agreeing on winners, runners up and any special mentions.  The shortlist is published shortly after the jury meeting and the winners are announced during the Awards Ceremony at the SME Assembly.