Urban Tech, funding to develop new value chains in emerging Health Tech, Smart City and Greentech industries

Urban Tech, a 3-year project funded by European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is looking for SMEs and start-ups to compete for funding of up to EUR 54,350 by developing or improving products or services that address one of 300 challenges in three areas: health tech, green tech and smart cities. The deadline is 14th September.

Selected SMEs will be invited to join 16 international industry hackathons that will identify 80 innovation projects selected for the incubation phase. Winners will receive a EUR 9,500 pre-incubation voucher, with the goal of being the ones to deliver one of the 20 tested and piloted products that will be demonstrated to Challenge owners and investors. SMEs will also have access to services such as incubation and testing facilities, coaching and mentoring.

The Urban Tech process

To be eligible for the Urban Tech funding, SMEs must:
• be based in the EU, the UK or a country associated with Horizon 2020, the list of which is here;
• be neither based in Russia or Belarus nor affiliated with either country;
• be independent companies developing or commercialising innovative products, services or business models with high market potential;
• have 1-250 full-time employees and annual turnover of less than EUR 50 million;
• not be in the process of being liquidated or declared bankrupt.

To apply, candidates must select one or more challenges from Urban Tech’s Virtual Library of Challenges and submit their solution. Eligible applications will go before an international expert committee.
• The 320 applicants with the most promising solutions will be invited to hackathons taking place throughout November 2022.
• The 160 highest-ranked applicants will receive a travel voucher worth up to EUR 850 to attend an on-site hackathon.
• 80 hackathon participants will be invited to submit full proposals by 4 January 2023 in order to receive a minimum viable product voucher worth EUR 9 500.
• 30 of the 80 participants will be selected to receive a piloting voucher worth EUR 20-30 000.
• 20 of the 30 participants will be chosen to receive a market discovery voucher worth up to EUR 14 000.

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