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Exchanging information and practical experience on payments for biodiversity achievements in agriculture

Find out about the latest thinking on existing results-based agri-environment schemes, their design, implementation and monitoring. Hear what practitioners have to say and exchange views on how to design and implement schemes in different parts of the EU. Register to receive updates and the latest research findings and to comment on posts.

Across Europe, agri-environment schemes provide important sources of funding to farmers to protect wildlife habitats on agricultural land. Results-based agri-environment payment schemes focus on paying farmers for the biodiversity outcomes that are achieved rather than rewarding them for specific management actions. This Blog has been created to exchange information and practical experiences on these approaches. It offers a platform on which findings and reflections from a research project can be shared. The project is managed by DG Environment; it was initiated and is funded by the European Parliament.

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  1. ballen says:

    This blog will prove an invaluable resource for farmers, other practitioners, scheme designers and researchers. I am looking forward to the comments

    1. rbaps says:

      Glad you think it will be useful. I hope it will generate interesting discussions.

  2. schreuder says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. We have added the possibility of result based payments to our toolbox for Agri Environmental payments in our scheme.

  3. rbaps says:

    Thanks for your comment. What kind of schemes have you added? and what else is in your toolbox? I’m curious to see examples if you can share any links. Thanks

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