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8 out of 10 say EU projects aid innovation in classroom

Have a look at this European Commission press release. You can choose your language version. It tells you that EU projects aid innovation in classrooms: ” More than eight in ten people involved in an EU-funded initiative aimed at encouraging innovative teaching methods and improved learning materials for children say the scheme had a positive and lasting impact on them. The same proportion also stated that it would have been impossible to achieve the same results without European support, according to a new study.”

As our Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou puts it: “the added value of this European initiative is that it exposes teachers and schools to different approaches and expertise, which results in more innovative solutions in the classroom.” In other words, these projects give to people involved, teachers and students, the opportunity to meet, compare their methods, share their experience, and create synergies. Enriched from their experience, they will look with fresh eyes at what they do, and will bring in new ideas in order to innovate in their teaching or studying.

Isn’t it what is happening with Juvenes Translatores? We definitely hope so! Tell us what you think.


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