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Juvenes Translatores: how to select the participating pupils?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

You all know that the sixth edition of the Juvenes Translatores contest is now underway. Schools can register until  20 October at noon.

Go to our to this page and select the language if you want to register, and to our official website if you want to have a look at our rules.

We guess that for many of you, the question is: how to decide who is going to participate in the contest if the school is selected? This is a tricky issue as just 2 to 5 pupils can participate in each selected school. In certain circumstances, different teachers from the same school want to participate and too many students would love to be counted as participants. So how to proceed?

Former participating teachers we met came up with interesting ideas: preselection contest involving a number of pupils and teachers under the coordination of one lead teacher of the project, celebrating translation all together. You need texts to translate? Go to our websites, you’ll find the texts used in the previous rounds of JT in all the 23 official languages.

Once the pupils are selected, the group involved in the preselection test can meet again on the day of the contest and translate the new texts proposed by us. It’s easy, since the texts are published online. At the end of the test, just those selected will see their papers sent to Brussels, and that’s it! Unfortunately we can’t let all interested schools participate, but we hope that some schools who are not officially in the contest will organise the contest locally anyway, using our online texts.

Do you have other proposals for selecting pupils? Come and discuss this interesting topic here, and let’s share the best practices for the benefit of all!


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