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Welcome to JT blog!

We are pleased to welcome you to this new Juvenes Translatores blog.

Those of you who came to Brussels in March for the award ceremony had the chance to participate in a meeting with us. This “world café” was quite fruitful. The following is what emerged from the analysis of your answers to the questions asked.

The answers to the question “What J.T. has enabled me to do?” were numerous. But 4 main points were raised :

– you feel the need to use translation in your language teaching,

– you underline the importance of the mother tongue in language learning processes,

– you wish to add a European dimension to your schooling community,

– you say the motivation of both teachers and pupils grew because of your participation to JT.

When it came to the question of “What can J.T. also be?”, you stated that you would like to realise projects together, share ideas and views. It appeared  clearly that most of you were willing to build up a community of languages teachers around Juvenes Translatores.

So this is it, and here we go !

Let’s talk together about language learning and teaching, multilingualism, translation, European projects for language teachers and learners etc. For those who are already willing to get some information on those topics, please go the Twitter account of Juvenes Translatores (@translatores), here.

For practical reasons we will write in English. It’s a matter of being understood by the majority. I’m not an English native speaker (you will soon understand it, if it’s not already clear;)), so please, be patient with my mistakes! Regarding your own comments, don’t hesitate to write in the language of your choice if English is not an easy option for you. We can all help with translations if needed, can’t we? Then, don’t forget the importance and efficiency of intercomprehension (I will come back to this very interesting point in a further post). Let’s see how a multilingual blog can work, and keep in mind that our common aim is to understand each other.

Au plaisir de vous lire sur ce blog !

Tremeur Denigot

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