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Hello European web entrepreneurs!

Welcome to the European web entrepreneurs’ interactive portal! It is intended to help strengthen the environment for web entrepreneurs in Europe by supporting, promoting and facilitating the work of European web entrepreneurs. . Your success is Europe’s success.

This initiative stems from the Digital Agenda Assembly 2011 workshops on social media and entrepreneurship and has the full support of European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes, in charge of the Digital Agenda.

As you can see, we are still in a “start up” phase! The site will evolve in the next weeks with your contributions. Indeed, it cannot succeed without your contributions. For example, you can send us your success stories, interesting news, your start up pitch, experiences and suggestions for good practices and players that you want to share with the community and, why not, your feedback about what we could improve, what we should add or simply what you need and you think we could help with. It is as simple as this!

But what will you get in return and what can you expect to find on this site?

Another important point: you will be able to contact us and influence or propose new initiatives and ideas to strengthen the environment for (web) entrepreneurs in Europe.

And….speaking of contacts, you can keep in touch with us via your preferred channel. Beside this site and blog we are on LinkedIn [1], Facebook [2]Twitter [3],  Xing  [4] , Newsletter (subscribe here [5]), RSS [6] and are looking to add new channels in the future.

Looking forward for your comments,

Viorel Peca