Sport: Positive and Proactive Response to Youth Unemployment

Eight years after the global financial crisis that caused the subsequent economic crisis, millions of young people across the old continent remain unemployed. On average, some 17% of all young people in the EU are neither in education, employment or training.

The consequences of youth unemployment and social disengagement are not only costly in terms of public funds (some countries pay up to 2% of their GDP to deal with consequences of youth unemployment: here) but also in terms of the quality of our lives and democracy.

Political disenchantment, social exclusion, lack of confidence, poorer health and a rise in depression… These are but a few of the negative aspects associated with young people being out of work, education and training.

There have been many initiatives both at the EU and national level that have taken to task to address this issue. The European Commission has pioneered the so-called Youth Guarantee scheme, which pledges that all young people under 25 – whether registered with employment services or not – should get a good-quality, concrete offer within 4 months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. Early intervention and activation are key and, in many cases, reforms are needed, such as improving vocational education and training systems.

However, as important as the macroeconomic reforms in fighting youth unemployment and social disengagement are, and despite visible success in some countries (e.g. Scotland and Austria), it is important that these top-down efforts are coupled with grass-root initiatives.

Offering a pro-active solution Project 668 and Brussels Interns NGO (B!ngo) ASBL joined forces to help young people defy the common notion of youth being passive. #Run4Employment is a positive response to youth unemployment. The idea is to highlight the importance of health for job-seeking while at the same time raise funds to support the development of an app which will empower young people to find or create jobs.

The 5 km relay run of will take place on 13 September in Brussels’ Parc Leopold. Our mission is to tell young people that their aspirations can be extended beyond the current discourse of the “lost generation”; that they can be proactive, stay or become fit and increase their chance of finding a job.

To prove that we are serious about what we do, we have developed a teaser video that gives you a little taste of what is to come on 13 September!

Join us in September, sign up for the run and help us raise awareness of sport being part of the solution for youth disengagement and unemployment.

About Project 668
Project 668 is an EU-wide professional development community of current and former trainees from the EU institutions that aims to fight youth unemployment. It aims to increase employability of current and former EU trainees by offering them activities where they learn how to land a job

About Brussels Interns NGO (B!ngo) ASBL (co-organiser)
The Brussels Interns NGO believe in an improved job market mentality where the current and next generations of workers are allowed to develop professionally. It promotes quality internships by:
1 – Promoting the European Youth Forum’s ‘European Quality Charter for Internships’ & provide quality information
2 – Helping internship-seekers and internship-providers
3 – Dialoguing with stakeholders in defining how internships and interns are seen

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