Tips to get your #BeActive lifestyle back on track after a break

Here’s a scenario many of us may be finding ourselves in at the moment: You finally had a great exercise routine down, you even managed to discipline yourself to stick to it, and then BAM – holiday time.

A change in routine can quite often throw people off of a good exercise habit, whether it comes from a holiday, a move, or a new job.

For all of you who maybe didn’t do such a great job of staying active during your summer (and anyone else looking for a jump start after a break), don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips to get you back on track:

1) Start your day with a fail-safe, small win: choose an active commute to work, skip the lift in your office, or take that morning class at the gym you’ve been saying you’d try. This is a great way to build positive momentum to keep you going.

2) Set a schedule/make goals: Until you get into the habit again, consider pulling together a schedule of activities to partake in.

3) Find a buddy: you don’t have to be in this alone. In fact, exercise can be so much more fun if you do it with a friend.

4) Don’t let this happen again. Just kidding – let’s be honest, it probably will (nobody is perfect). The thing is, if you learn to incorporate physical activity into your daily life, in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a burden, it won’t be so difficult to carry those good habits into your next holidays.

Go out there and have fun! #BeActive

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